When listening to music, our brains can get wrapped up in key changes, lyrics, and tight harmony. Frequently we need to press pause (or mute) when trying to listen to a spouse or kids say something that requires our full attention. Who knew that a tiny little virus could made the entire world press pause?!

The big pause is allowing us to revisit unfinished projects in the backyard or the garage. In the financial world, pressing pause gives us a moment to analyze the monetary to-do list of stuff we might not have always dedicated time to look at… 

  • Are the the beneficiaries on all my accounts up to date?
  • How is my 401k doing? Should I adjust my portfolio to aggressive or conservative?
  • Should I finally call a lawyer and update my will? or structure a family trust?
  • Are mortgage rates low enough to warrant a refinance?
  • How much extra cash do I have available to put into the market to take advantage of “buy low”? 
  • How much am I really paying in fees?
  • Am I double-dipping in similar equities? (It takes time to discover which equities are held in ETFs and Mutual Funds)
  • CARES Act – Can I afford to forgo taking RMDs for the rest of the year?

Thankfully, many of these questions can be answered quickly with a phone call to a fiduciary financial advisor at IMS Capital Management. If you would like an unbiased complimentary review – whether you already have a wealth manager, or you’re doing the investing on your own – feel free to reach out to our office today by calling (503) 788-4200. Our advisors are willing to press pause and dedicate time in their schedule for you. We are here to fully engage, listen and comprehend your situation to provide the best advise on how to push “play” in the weeks and months to come.