While our firm plans the wealth planning routes of our clients, during this time, we want to enable you with a few tips for physically moving about the country during this reopening stage.

Traveling by car or airplane has new things to keep in mind, as different counties are opening up phases at non-concurrent times. Here are the biggest take-away’s we can share, after having personally traveled during one of the most interesting times in history:

1. Bring Snacks & Water

Airports are hit or miss with food options… and onboard food and drink services have mostly been suspended during this time, especially on shorter flights. (Thank goodness airport coffee shops are classified as essential and are still open!) If possible, choose a window seat, as studies have shown this is preferred for air circulation purposes. Additional hint: Pack your own water bottle to refill as needed once through security.

2. Plan Road Trip Bathroom Breaks via Grocery Stores

Gas stations are not guaranteed places to make a quick pit-stop. However, most grocery stores are wide open to the public. Yes, the extra stops take longer; but at least you’ll find relief.

3. Items to Pack

Hand sanitizer. Baby Wipes/Clorox Wipes/Cleaning Products. Kleenex. Thermometer. OTC and Rx Medicines. Masks. Games/Playing Cards/Activities.

4. Have Patience

Most essential service workers are doing their very best to ensure your health and safety. Show appreciation to those you encounter along your travels, as they are going above and beyond with increased cleaning procedures.

5. Wash Your Hands

It seems silly to state the obvious, but good old-fashioned soap and water goes a long way!

Hope this list helps as you plan your summer travels. Stay safe and healthy!