I don’t live near your office. Can I still work with you?

Our office is located in Portland, OR and we proudly serve and meet with our clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. For those outside our area, we are blessed to live in a day and age of technology which allows phone or digital conferencing as well as document scanning. If you are not afraid of long distance, and are comfortable building a relationship via technology, please reach out to our team. Additionally, we aren’t afraid to travel to you for those big in-person meetings!

What should I invest in right now?

The most important investment you can make right now is finding a skilled financial advisor that will serve as a fiduciary and act in your best interests. It will be an investment of your time, but if done properly it will pay off more than any other investment you make. Hiring the right team — that gets compensated the right way, that will get to know you, your goals and your risk tolerance — will matter more in the end than what stocks you buy or when you buy them. 

How does the IMS Team approach work?

You will have a primary fiduciary financial advisor who forms a relationship with you to understand your financial budgeting, needs and goals. They will put together a plan to help you achieve your desired results. Together, you will set realistic expectations of the desired frequency of communication to discuss portfolio performance and market changes. Even though you’ll typically work with one advisor, our entire advisory team meets frequently to discuss different aspects of the market, bringing their unique specialized knowledge together to benefit your portfolio.

Our Client Service Team helps take care of any questions that come up and acts as an intermediary between you and the Custodian. Some of the things the Service Team helps out with includes: filling out the right forms for you to transfer funds from your retirement account into your checking account; setting up a distribution schedule; and many other small detailed things to free up your time and energy. We make sure your portfolio has lots of eyes on it by our entire team, ensuring your funds are being consistently monitored and always top of mind.

How much does IMS charge to manage my wealth?

IMS charges successful families and corporations a fee average of 1% on the first $500,000. Lower rates apply to balances in excess of $1M. Our fee structure for nonprofits is greatly reduced… it is our way of paying it forward so that your donor contributions make a greater impact in the communities you serve.

If I hire you to manage my assets, what can I expect?

You can count on a transparent relationship with your financial advisor and at least four quarterly conversations a year to discuss variables affecting outcomes (such as global economic changes, inflation, early or late retirement). Some clients prefer monthly conference calls, and we are more than happy to meet whatever communication schedule gives you the most peace of mind.

How can you help my nonprofit?

We partner with your nonprofit by providing guidance and experience based on years of understanding what successful boards and financial leadership looks like. We  steward your financial growth, enabling you to stay focused on your mission. 

Some of the ways we help nonprofits includes working with board and finance committee members to draft or update your nonprofit’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS), selecting finance committee members, provide training on how to build a stronger board, monitor investment performance and fees, help with spending policy analysis, specify Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) guidelines, and generally help your nonprofit with any topics that keep you in the zone of compliance and success. 

Many of our nonprofit clients bring us into their finance committee and/or board meetings for updates regarding portfolio performance and market outlook. We are more than happy to attend and help turn spreadsheet jargon into understandable concepts. 

How do you help me set up retirement plans for my employees?

You are the kind of business owner who understands the value of taking care of your employees by providing an attractive benefits package which includes retirement options or Profit Sharing Plans (PSP). We will meet with you to discuss your company’s needs and develop the right plan for you.

Who do you use as your custodian?

IMS Capital Management uses TD Ameritrade and Fidelity as our custodians. You can access your statements at any time through our client portal. You make one phone call to us, and the IMS Team handles the rest.

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