Retirement Plans

Your company values a retirement plan developed with straightforward solutions to protect your business and empower your employees.

Creating a Solid Financial Path for Employees

The strength of your business is connected to the health and wellbeing of your employees. We have all seen the disappointing stats and read the sad headlines that the vast majority of employees are not ready for nor prepared for retirement. We can help your corporation provide employees with the personalized assistance they need to understand their options and make better financial choices.

Partner with an Experienced Fiduciary

Fact: Retirement plan sponsors have legal exposure to employee lawsuits over high fees, inadequate disclosures, and poor investment options.

We operate as a fiduciary to our retirement plan clients. We can reduce liability by taking on investment selection, monitoring, and replacement within your company’s retirement plan, giving you an extra layer of legal protection. We safeguard your business against unforeseen risk.

Transparency and communication are key. Conflicted advice in the form of undisclosed fees and revenue sharing costs American savers and investors billions each year. We are a 100% fee-only firm, which means our retirement plan advisors never get paid to sell you anything. Avoiding pumped up investments and overrated financial products is essential. Eliminating these incentives creates conflict-free advice that’s aligned with your business and employees goals.

A Tailored Plan Improves Employee Retirement Readiness

We believe many retirement plan advisors make two mistakes for the same reason – lack of tailoring of the retirement plan.

  1. Employees are burdened with too many options they don’t understand
  2. A retirement plan is selected with only a few high cost options

When faced with too many options your employees have trouble determining the best choice, which results in indecisiveness, unhappiness, and analysis by paralysis. When faced with high cost options, employee participation is diminished.

We are focused on maximizing your employees’ retirement readiness. We know simplified investment options that minimize plan costs and provide fee transparency increases retirement readiness of your employees. Happy employees take better care of your business. Trust IMS to help build your retirement plan.

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