We are experts at managing wealth, building relationships and guiding you to your desired financial goals.

Lead in statement here, something aspirational and customer focused.

You worked hard to accumulate assets. We continue to protect and grow it. And we’ll openly share data most advisors keep as insider knowledge. We don’t have product requirements or compensation arrangements that prohibit us from doing our very best with managing your wealth.

You have peace of mind knowing we are doing our job of watching your money while you are out soaking in/up/enjoyinglife.

Once we understand the combination of You + Your Money, then and only then can we tailor a plan to meet your needs.

At IMS, we take the time to know You

  • Your dreams
  • Your goals
  • Your plans


We also take the time to know your Money

  • Are you in a growth phase of trying to collect it?
  • Are you in a distribution stage of life?
  • Are you looking for ways to protect or grow funds for your business or nonprofit?

Are you ready to get started? (Needs better headline)

Death of a Spouse

We know how traumatic the death of a loved one is; and we hope this printable guide provides you with some comfort as you wrap your head around managing financial affairs on your own.   As always, we are just a phone call away to help provide guidance and assistance....

Good Changes for Unused 529 Plans

Good Changes for Unused 529 Plans

If a 529 Plan was started years ago, but you have a student who didn’t need to use it – due to receiving scholarships or choosing not to go to college – then read here for some very important changes.

The Value of Professional Advice

The Value of Professional Advice

Hire a Coach or Go it Alone? Note: There are many ways to describe someone running your life's hard-earned savings. Whatever you call it [financial advisor, wealth planner, money manager, broker], we believe that person should be a financial coach focused on...

*All of the investment advisors at IMS Capital Management are ​Fiduciary Financial Advisors​... meaning we have your best interests at heart when managing your money. We do not have conflicts of interest, and are not incentivized to sell products you don’t need. When you work with our IMS team, you work with products and recommendations that are truly right for you. You benefit from the transparency of a relationship bound to a higher standard.